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YEA Shiva!

The importance of committing to a secure and sustainable future for our children truly hit home for us last year with the arrival of our newborn son, Lucas Arjuna.

With Earth Day approaching, we are holding ourselves to a new level of energy responsibility at Namaste. This is why we have joined Shiva Rea and Yoga Energy Activism, a practical and positive response to our current energy crisis.


As part of our ongoing partnership with YEA, we’ll also be making the following changes to our standard business practices:

Renewing - using renewable energy and natural sunlight whenever possible.  
Offsetting - offsetting our energy usage through Global Green's carbon offset program.
Tuning - renewing our commitment to personal yoga practice and company wellness.
Giving - planting trees for every campaign that is sent through NamasteLight.
Recycling - creating a water bottle-free work environment and recycling program.

YEA’s goal is for 1,008 people or more to Join YEA challenge around Earth Day-Easter weekend, April 22-24th. Let’s get there together!

What's it take to get involved?

How can I get involved?

  1. Join
    Join the YEA Facebook Group to be counted among the 1,008 and more. Use any part of the YEA Energy Regeneration Invite to spread the word on April 21st before Earth Day.
  2. Unplug
    Create an Energy Regeneration Day of your own design for April 22-24th. On your retreat day, experience a rest and show solidarity for using our energy wisely.
  3. Share
    Post your experience on the YEA Facebook Group including what you have learned, experienced about yourself or inspiration for changes.
  4. Connect
    Stay connected by tuning into YEA & Global Green's carbon offsetting efforts.

Join us on Facebook for ongoing YEA updates!

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