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The Truth About Google Adwords

Many of you have asked us if we recommend using Google Adwords as a way to increase site traffic and sales.   From our experience, AdWords can be an effective medium for learning and helping to increase site traffic.  From that perspective , we do recommend it but with a clear understanding of what outcome you’re wanting to achieve.  AdWords should not be your primary method for generating sales or increasing traffic to your site.  First, it’s too expensive. With competitive keywords it can cost up to $5 per click.  Considering that it takes about 200 AdWords visitors to get a conversion, you can begin to see how much you may end paying per a sale.  Also, there are more effective ways to generate targeted traffic to your site and achieve better outcomes.  For instance, we work closely with our clients on growing their opt-in email list and enhancing communications strategy.

Here are a few quick tips for helping to economically grow traffic and increase sales:

(1) Get good at growing your email database.  These are people who want to hear from you and tend to make purchases at a much higher rate than AdWords visitors.  Shameless plug opportunity; ask us about our new email program, NamasteLight!

(2) Utilize Social Media by building your Facebook fan page.  Many lifestyle companies are finding Facebook as a fun way to stay connected to their fans, generate traffic and stay relevant.

(3) Start Twittering.  There are people who want to know what your doing right now and what’s new with your company.  Twitter is a great way to keep them connected to you to as life happens.

Here’s an insightful video on Google AdWords from

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