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Namaste Launches New Site for Austin’s Favorite Daily Juice!


When deciding to make Austin our new headquarters last year, we experienced all the apprehension and uncertainty that comes with moving to a new city.   Though our intuition was telling us this was going to be the right home, it wasn’t until our first trip to Daily Juice that we began to confirm it.  This wonderful and sort of quirky oasis of superfoods, fresh juices and live food was just the kind of experience that helped to comfort our souls and nourish the spirit of the transition.

When our friend Kipp Stroden of Essential Living Foods introduced us to the great people at Daily Juice and the opportunity to redesign their web presence, we knew synchronicty was alive and well.   There couldn’t have been a more exciting way to break ground in Austin than helping Daily Juice to conceive their new site and online experience.  It’s loaded with great content, fun media and nutritional insights.  See the new Daily Juice site here and be sure to visit one of their locations soon…your spirit will thank you!

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